I provide my services with an unmatched level of quality, responsiveness, professionalism and experience to all types of horses ranging from "back-yard ponies" to "top-of-the-line" show horses. My main objective is balancing hooves to provide optimum performance and support by protecting the foot, supporting the limb, and accurately applying treatment procedures. This is done to prevent and treat pathological conditions and to enhance the horse's natural ability, thereby allowing maximum potential development.  

My resume includes equines across all disciplines:

  • Hunters / Jumpers / Eventers
  • Sale / Race Horses
  • Broodmares / Foals / Yearlings
  • Pleasure Horses / Trail Horses
  • Ponies / Mules / Donkies
  • Miniature Horses

My service areas include the state of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. I do require my clients to abide to the following terms:

  • Shoe / Trim 6-7 week schedule in winter
  • Shoe / Trim on a 5-6 week schedule in summer
  • Schedule next appointment before leaving the barn
  • Payment by cash or check. I also accept credit or debit cards through PayPal

Services (other than standard trimming or shoeing):

  • Founder / Laminitis Consultation and treatment
  • Hoof Reconstruction
  • Corrective Trimming and/or Shoeing 
  • Hoof Care Products
  • Donkey Hoof Trimming 


  • Standard Shoeing $120-$250 depending on location and quantity of horses 
  • Standard Barefoot Trim $40-$85 depending on location and quantity of horses
  • Snow Pads, Rim Pads, Bar Shoes, Aluminum Shoes, Drill & Tap for Caulks/Studs, $25 pair
  • Vettec Equipack Products, Equicast $40 per hoof
  • Ice Studs (comparable to Borium) $10 pair for 2 shoes, $20 for 4 shoes

Charlie Piccione I E-Mail: equinehoofpro1@gmail.com I Phone: 908.319.7198

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