The old adage, "No Hoof, No Horse," describes the origin of my business. The hoof is the foundation of the horse's performance, attitude, quality of life, and soundness. Try to imagine running down the street in sneakers that were too tight with uneven heels. This example parallels a horse's uncomfortable state when performing with improperly fitted shoes and therefore magnifies the importance of proper shoeing.

In my 18 years experience shoeing horses, I have been exposed to a variety of cases and an array of problems to solve, and have consequently become universally prepared to meet your horse's every hoof care need.

Natural Horse Trace Minerals is one of the horse world’s best kept secrets of premier supplements. Specifically, this substance is a combination of micro mineral supplements which are derived from Montmorillonite clay. What does this mean? This supplement provides your horse with essential minerals that are lacking in most hay and popular grains. These minerals help trigger the production of enzymes and hormones for growth, reproduction, and overall healthy maintenance of the animal. Additional trace mineral benefits include: joint fitness, colic prevention, vitamin supplementation, and even endurance rehydration.

What are some of the benefits of the so-called Trace Minerals?
Many Physicians are persuaded that the majority of all diseases are probably enzymatic in origin. Since metabolism is synonymous with enzyme activity, and enzyme activity is dependent on the presence of trace elements, it is axiomatic that proper proportions of trace minerals are the best defense nutritionally to ward off the threat of disease. Just about any symptom may be a manifestation of a certain mineral deficiency, or lack of a combination of minerals. Benjamin Erschoff PhD reports, “Clays composed of the Montmorillonite group of minerals someday may replace calcium as a dietary supplement for promoting bone health. Adding calcium alone to the diet does not change the situation, but adding clay does. Montmorillonite clays contain something (trace elements) besides calcium which improves the body’s ability to change calcium into bone.”

For more information, please reference Window Peak Trace Minerals

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